Monday, October 17, 2011

Life: Navitat Canopy Tour Wrightwood, CA

A couple of weekends ago we went up to the mountains for a canopy tour at the newly opened Navitat in Wrightwood, CA.  Farilla ad I stayed at the cozy and centrally located Canyon Creek Inn just off the main drag in the Wrightwood.


Saturday afternoon we set off for our half-day canopy tour.  The adventure started at the Navitat office located in the heart of Wrightwood.  Once Farilla & I were all harnessed up our group (eight of us plus two guides) piled into the back of a Unimog and set off for the course.


Navitat UniMog

Loading Up

The course consisted of 10 zip lines, 3 rappelling experiences & 4 suspended sky bridges.

Sky Bridge

We had a fantastic afternoon.  I can't recommend both the Canyon Creek Inn and Navitat enough.  This is the perfect weekend getaway for anyone looking for an adventurous outing that won't break the bank.

Before heading back to Los Angeles on Sunday we explored the town of Wrightwood.  The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed breakfast on the front deck of The Village Grind.  We then walked up the street to Joe Mudd's where we picked up freshly baked goodies for an afternoon snack.  All of which were delicious.  

We then set off on an afternoon hike to the top of Throop Peak.  

Life: Pacific Crest Trail'in

We made it to the top of the peak in about an hour.  The air was definitely a bit thinner than I'm used to up at 9,000+feet.




Downtown LA...


We ate lunch on the peak before making our descent.  It took about 45 minutes to get back down our car at Dawson Gap.

It was a lovely weekend getaway.  I can't wait to explore that part of the San Gabriel mountains some more in the near future.

Videos to follow!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life: Eva's Birthday @ King King

DIY: Succulents In Sand

I had a few cylindrical glass vases left over from our wedding (which held my bridesmaid's bouquets) and decided another project was in order.

I saw something similar being sold on Abbot Kinney (in Venice, CA) a few months back for an astronomical amount.  I was able to recreate them for $5.50 each.

Succulents in sand #1.

Succulents in sand #2.

Succulents in sand #3

Succulents in sand #4.

We'll see how they do!  I left the root ball in tact and poured sand all around.  I covered the plants with foil during the sand pouring process (after reading this tutorial) in order to try to keep the sand off the plant.  Then, I used a long soft-bristled paint brush to wipe any stray bits (as best as I could) of sand off the plants.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome.  We'll see how the first watering goes!

Family: Lil L's Birthday Weekend!

Eight years young and best vintage tshirt ever!

Monday, October 10, 2011