Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photos: 11.11.11

This is what happens when sixty (or so) of the most incredible people you know drop a gigantic neutron LOVE bomb right into the center of the Mojave Desert.  Happy 50th, Kirk!  You are loved.  You are love.

Friday Night Cinematic:  (as beautifully described by Jeff Vetterick)
a video-short festival of original works created for the weekend, by some of my fellow campers, all projected onto a mammoth rock face in what can only be described as an outdoor cathedral of natural rock formations.

Also, know as Church.

Bliss Birth from Suzie Strong on Vimeo.

Mushroom Turtleneck from Russell Lichter on Vimeo.

11 DJ's IN 11 HOURS: Saturday evening potluck dinner in the Delivery Room followed by dancing until dawn...

The Delivery Room & Discotheque


Chicks & Beats


'Nough Said.

In it!