Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Life: Ready, Steady, Go!

Life: Ready, Steady, Go!
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The Monster...clearly pretty stoked about her xmas gift! Frozen with glee to be exact!

Life: Yellow Bi-Plane Acrobatics!

Life: Yellow Bi-Plane Acrobatics!
Life: Yellow Bi-Plane Acrobatics!
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As I was driving to Nor Cal this morning I was treated to a pretty spectacular air show. The yellow bi-plane pictured above (used for crop dusting up in these here parts) was doing crazy-low figure eights right over the highway. When I first noticed the plane it was flying straight towards me as if the pilot was planning on bringing 'er down right on the 99. The plane quickly banked right and the aerial dance ensued. Such a spectacle!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life: When Aliens Attack!

Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada. Filmed about 5:30pm Thursday November 20th 2008

Music: Arcade Fire - Rebellion

Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire

People say that your dreams
are the only things that save ya.
Come on baby in our dreams,
we can live on misbehavior.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life: UCLA v. LMU

Life: UCLA v. LMU
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U-C-L-A Fight Fight Fight!!!

Art: How Robots Are Made (NSFW)

Wish List: Nels The Narwhal

(by Skunk Boy Creatures)

When I was just a wee Lass my parents would force me to attend many of their Arts & Crafts shows. They were pretty certain that my two older siblings would put me on the next box car out of town the first chance they got! Thanks Mom & Dad for knowing your children so well!

But I digress, as the child of a vendor I can assure you that these shows were generally quite boring....particularly for a tween-aged girl. Fortunately many of the shows offered up entertainment in one form or another. Often times I'd spend my afternoons perched in a chair next to the stage. I distinctly remember one particular event with a balloon artist. Mr. Balloon Man claimed he could make you "ANY animal you wanted"!

I suspect that Dude could see my gears turning because he reluctantly chose me after he'd FINALLY exhausted all of his other snot-nosed options. While the rest of the kids in the crowd were picking COMPLETELY uninspired animals such as dogs and giraffes yours truly was scheming up something with which to stump 'Mr. ANY Animal'. When it was my turn (as any smart ass 8 year old would do) I requested a Narwhal. I immediately heard whispers all around. I took pleasure in knowing that I at least stumped a good number of the adults in the crowd. After hearing my request Balloon Man smirked and proceeded to work away on my creation. He twisted and turned those pastel colored balloons with such passion. Once he was done he handed me my balloon art with a huge smile on his face. Not surprisingly....he made me a wiener dog.

I should have asked for an octopus.

Art: Leslie Hall On Bling'd Out Sweaters

I saw Leslie Hall LIVE and in full-effect at last month's Felt Club Holiday XL event. I can indeed confirm that much like a horrible car accident you don't want to look but for some reason you just can't help yourself!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Humor: The Periodic Table Of Awesoments

Some of my favorites:

44 Ls Light Saber
50 F Fire
53 R Robots
76 Ry Rayguns
89 Ds Mustache
90 Mk Mohawk
97 Su Sunglasses

Art: Robot The Vote!

From WSFBC of Greater Los Angeles:

As part of the SF MoMA's upcoming exhibition, Art of Participation, you can vote on the details of a performance piece by artists, MTAA, currently titled, "Automatic for the People: ( ), 2008. The words filling ( ) is TBD based on voting results. Most of the polls are already closed, except one - the most important: COSTUME.

We MUST make them ROBOTS!
Vote now and pass it on!

Robot the vote HERE!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wish List: Nikon D700 Birthday Cake

Anonymous (10:16:24 AM): http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/12/nikon-d700-birt.html
if you are nice to me, i'll bake you that for 23 Jan
Luna-See (10:18:17 AM): You can bake too?! My gawd...you're like the perfect man!
Anonymous (10:18:46 AM): i'm an EXCELLENT baker! baking is the easiest thing dude... it's all about precision. and i'm the KING of precision.
Luna-See (10:18:59 AM): Can I quote you on that?
Anonymous (10:19:16 AM): sure
Anonymous (10:19:26 AM): where are you going to quote me?
Luna-See (10:19:29 AM): my blog
Anonymous (10:19:42 AM): hmm... you could, but keep me anonymous
Anonymous (10:19:52 AM): i don't want to get a public reputation
Luna-See (10:19:55 AM): what's the fun in that?!
Anonymous (10:20:06 AM): next thing you know all sorts of strange women will end up at my place
Anonymous (10:20:11 AM): expecting me to cook and bake for them
Anonymous (10:20:14 AM): oh wait
Luna-See (10:20:25 AM): exactly

Music: Cut Copy - Far Away ( Hercules And Love Affair Remix)

Far Away (Hercules and Love Affair Remix) - Cut Copy

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wish List: Shoe Organization

Okay internet, I'm desperately searching for a cabinet like the one pictured above. The shoe fetish has gotten OUT OF CONTROL. This cabinet would help get things back in order. If you run across anything like this let me know! Thanks & Love!

Photos: LA Arboretum

While the fam was in town for Tofurkey Day last week we decided to spend an afternoon exploring the natural beauty of the LA Arboretum. Here are a few snaps I took with my iPhone. Enjoy!

No Swimming Aloud

Rose Garden Loveliness

Loves Wall-E


For a few more shots (including one of a 'headless" peacock) click here.

Art: Explorers of the Past and Future

The world I wish I grew up in....

Monday, December 1, 2008

LIfe: In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed it we experienced a double sonic boom yesterday early afternoon as the Space Shuttle Endeavor re-entered the earth's atmosphere. Here's some local footage:

Kaboom Boom!

Art: Geek-tastic!

Things - Adam Mayer Digitally Designed Geared Business Cards from Bre Pettis on Vimeo.