Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life: I Was Earthquake'd

Yep, I was earthquaked! I was sitting on the top (7th) floor or my office building when it happened. I immediately knew what was happening when it hit and it scared the crap out of me not only because buildings SHOULD NOT MOVE LIKE THAT but because it started out small but ended BIG.

I've lived in California my entire life (with the exception of a few summers in Montana) and have become accustomed to little rattlers but the big ones (especially when I'm 7 stories up) definitely scare me. Tuesday's EQ had a magnitude of 5.4 and struck shortly before noon. When the initial shaking started I froze and remembered that you're no longer supposed to get under the door frame OR under your desk so I sat there for a moment thinking "THEN WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!" Then it hit me...to updated my
facebook profile. Yep, I'm potentially facing death and my last words to the universe are "See is riding out that earthquake on the 7th floor...still going!!!!
11:43am". Classic right? What a world we live in that I have no idea where I should go to safely protect myself if this EQ decides to get any bigger so I turn to the internet. The ultimate security blanket!

Once the shaking stopped I realized that I needed to get down to the Village for my lunch date with
Sandra so I collected all of my worldly possessions and shot for the door. A gal in the office next to me was standing in the hallway completely sketched out as well. She looked at me with two bags full of my life and asked "Are you leaving?" to which I replied "No, I have a lunch date at noon". I immediately realized how silly I looked heading out to lunch with all of this crap in my hands. I decided to drop everything off at my car and shot off to catch up with Sandra. Needless to say it felt good to have solid ground under for feet for a couple of hours.

Green: Justice - Genesis (Good's Oil Addiction spot)

Burning Man: It's Official!!!


From BM Tickets & Topless Deb:

Your request has been approved for *Moi* (aka: shutter)

(1) - Early Arrival on 8/19 - 2008 Early Arrival
You must bring photo ID.

Approved by Terry Schoop

Thank you,
Burning Man Tickets

Running: Faster But Not

I made it into the gym again this AM and cranked my pace up for training purposes. I was convinced, after yesterday's run, that if I pushed a little harder this morning I'd come in under 7 minutes/mile. That is unless you lengthen your stride...apparently. The treadmill was faster and I ended at a considerably faster MPH than yesterday, yet, I still had a slower pace overall. So all I can think is that by lengthening my stride periodically (to help me catch my breath and work out a stitch I got in my side) it threw things off. Oh well...always learning.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Burning Man: He's Got A Dark Side Alright!

From CJ:

dark side

From The Dark Elf:

dark side2

The Quigmans has officially been Homeslice'd!

Running: Working On My Mile Pace

I got to the gym later than I had hoped this AM so I decided to pound out as many miles as possible in 30 minutes. Not bad...I'm happy with my pace. I'm going to continue to focus on getting my mile pace back down under 7 minutes then I'll start adding more and more distance. I felt really good after this run...something about taking it up a notch really resonates with me physically. I feel like I can breathe more easily/deeply and I'm still (3.5 hrs later) kinda just floating along in my post runners high. Good stuff for sure.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos: Happy Dre Day!!!

I know, I know...I'm running WAY behind with this post. I also know that most of you understand that Burning Man prep is in full-effect so everything (including sleep) has to wait a bit these days.

A couple of weekends ago the Lofties celebrated the much anticipated FIRST birthday of their beautiful little boy, Andre! Dr. Dre sure can pull in a crowd! Such a blast!!! In fact I'm not sure who had more fun...the Shorties or all of the BIG kids who got to take a whack at the Piñata!!!

To view the rest of the photos from this very special day click here.

Burning Man: A Single Person's Heart Guide to Burning Man

<span class=

A Single Person's Heart Guide to Burning Man
Originally posted Wed, August 15, 2007 - 12:10 PM

As a single, hetero man, I know from experience that Burning Man can be a wonderful and crushing experience. Usually both, often at the same time. I can hardly think of a single guy who has shown up at the playa alone and not wanted to hook up with someone. The fact is, this desire can ruin your BM experience (actually, it just makes you think that your experience is ruined). I have found that there are lessons that I have had to learn multiple times. After last year, as soon as I got back, I made notes to myself for this year, while the experience was still fresh in my mind. Now, as the burn approaches, I am taking what I have learned this year and adding to last year’s notes. I thought to myself, “I wish someone had told me this stuff before I went to Burning Man.” So, I decided to post it here. Many points have been offered by other people at one time or another. This is just my collection.

Be present.
This is, in my opinion, the most important thing. As in the default world, all we really have at Burning Man is the now. You can’t even say that you will have 7 days of nows, because anything could happen. So, just experience every single moment fully. If you find yourself thinking about how sweet it would be to hook up with that hottie you just met or how it would suck if she didn’t show up when you guys were supposed to meet, stop. Look around. Burning Man is happening all around you right now. Experience it. Now. This is why you came. Don’t miss it. If you put being at Burning Man above getting laid at Burning Man, you will have a far richer experience. And, you will increase your chances of getting laid at Burning Man.

When in doubt, say “Yes”
When offered anything, material, interactional or spiritual at Burning Man, unless you think that that this would be a “bad thing” for you, say “yes”. Yes opens up new possibilities. Yes is fun. And, Yes is usually sexy. Conversely, if you don’t think it’s a good thing for you, then definitely say no. Multiple times, and loudly if need be.

Have no expectations.
Expect nothing, not even a good time or a shitty time at Burning Man. Expect nothing from others. Especially, do not expect to have sex at Burning Man. Even if you go with a lover or possible lover, do not expect to have sex with them, or anyone else for that matter.

Be prepared
The other side of the expectation rule. Understand the difference. Do not expect to hook up with someone, but be prepared if you do. Bring what you need. Get tested, if you haven’t already.

Give your time, your attention, your trinkets, your love, your admiration, your beer, your energy, your opinion, your hand, your heart, your enthusiasm. Give everything you can think of.

Make contact
Talk to as many interesting people as possible. Then, talk to some people that you would normally talk to. Always have a notepad and something to write with. Take pictures of people and take notes to go with them. Get email/phone numbers.

Use alternatives to sex
You don’t have to have intercourse to be intimate with someone. Massages are, of course, a good option. One of my favorites is the foot bath. Bring a small tub and some nice soap and lotion for after. Also, there is cuddling, eye-gazing, you get the point. Often, it is the non-sexual play that leads to other things. If not, well, it’s all good anyway.

Take responsibility for your joy
If you find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in, don’t not blame others. Blame, anger will probably not make anything any better. So, take responsibility for your attitude, your survival, your joy. Remember that you always have three choices: Accept the situation, change the situation or leave the situation. Pick one of the three, then be at peace.

For example, here’s a personal tip. I set a waiting time for meet-ups. For me, it’s 15 minutes. If someone says that they will meet me at a certain time, and they are not there, or we miss each other for whatever other reason, after 15 minutes, I’m free to do whatever I want (including waiting longer). In any case, it takes away any anger or disappointment. It puts me in control. And, while I’m waiting, I am fully experiencing the moment.

Communicate clearly
In your dealing with people, make sure that you are clear in your intentions. Make no assumptions. Ask the questions you need answers to. Be tactful, but direct. Clear communication is sexy.

Use drugs wisely
If you use drugs, then plan your drug usage ahead of time. Consider doing no drugs at all. There’s nothing worse that happening upon a possible playa buddy, then being too fucked up to have any fun.

Keep a journal
A journal will prove invaluable to you, even if you never go to Burning Man again. It is so easy to forget all of the thoughts you had on the playa. Don’t wait until you get back to camp to write. Jot a quick note down in the moment.

Get rest
You cannot go to The Deep End every afternoon, then go out dancing every night. You must plan for down time. You should not dance until sunrise unless you can sleep late the next day. Get plenty of sleep before you drive home.

Don’t f*** people in your camp.
If you can avoid it, “Don’t sh** where you eat.” Understandably, sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. But, there are thousands of other people in BRC. Inter-camp hook-ups usually end up badly.

Read, then keep “The Four Agreements”
If you haven’t read “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, I highly suggest it. It’s a quick, but invaluable read. If you aren’t driving, you can probably finish it on the way to Burning Man. If you are driving, get the audiobook. In any case, it puts you in a great headspace when you hit BRC.

Don’t forget the art
Burning Man is one of the most amazing art exhibits in the world. Experience as much of it as you can. Interact with it. Take pictures of it. Talk about it with other people who are experiencing it with you. This is one lesson that I forget every year.

Be grateful
Do you realize how lucky/blessed you are to be at Burning Man? Then give thanks, to the the people who sell you ice, to the Rangers, to your campmates, to the stranger who is now a friend, to (your dogma here) for creating the playa, the sky above it and the mountains that surround it. Give thanks, verbally and in your heart. You can’t do it enough.

If anyone has any other tips from the heart for Burning Man, I would love to read them.

Dusty kisses

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Art: Mark Jenkin's Golden Ass

“…it’s much easier to make pretend people than to pretend to be a sculpture all day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Burning Man: One With The Dust...

Burning Man: Homeslice prep

Well that's definitely one way to see which direction the wind is blowing!

There was a big Nage Mahal work session at the Red House today. In this photo Commander is shaking out excess Playa Dust from the carpets used in the Homeslice shade structure (aka The Nage Majal). The neighbors of the Red House will likely be surprised when they find their cars covered in this very fine powder-like residue. My little Zoom Zoom which is barely visible through the dust cloud is so dirty right now that I didn't even bother to move it...in fact, I find the thin coating of alkaline dust rather nostalgic.

Life: Swedish Meatballs @ Ikea!

<Life: Swedish Meatballs @ Ikea!
Life: Swedish Meatballs @ Ikea!
Originally uploaded by Sanctuary-Studio

They really do sell everything here!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Running: Bad, Bad, Bad

Wasn't feeling it this AM...had to cut it short. It felt like I had 5lb ankle weights on each leg....totally sucked! 'Nough said.

Art: Devendra Banhart's Carmencita

I heart Natalie Portman!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos: GLOW 7.19.08

I was uber-stoked about what I thought was going to be a mini-Burning Man'esque event (minus the 12+ hour drive) right here in our own backyard. Serves me right for having expectations...

was packed. Reports I've read estimate some 200,000 people were in attendance during the night-long 12 hour art and music event. Apparently traffic and parking sucked. Thankfully, I biked from Command Central in Venice. The restroom and concession lines were out-of-control long. Most of the art was mediocre at best. Though, clearly I'm biased. As a Burner I've had the brain cells specifically dedicated to the appreciation of art completely blown away on multiple occasions out in Black Rock City.

What I did enjoy about the event were the people. Diversity rocks and GLOW brought in peeps from all walks of life. Everyone I witnessed got along well despite the often extremely cramped quarters. The cops didn't seem to be hassling the trippers and I was never asked once about the contents of my no-longer-Klean Kanteen! Aside from my MANY beautiful friends who made their way to GLOW, nature's art was actually one of the highlights for me! Up until now I just thought Grunion were mythical creatures that lived in the same land as unicorns and Big Foot! Wow! I just hope they were actually able to successfully get down to biz with all of the disturbances from the extra noise, light and people pollutants. Sorry little guys!

Because the art was lacking I wasn't particularly inspired to photograph much aside from the NEW and IMPROVED Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier...as you'll soon see!

Grunion Mating Grounds

Later That Same Day...


The Buckets

Sci-fi, straight up!

Crowd Control

<span class=

The Grunion!
Grunion...No Joke!

For a few more snaps from GLOW click here.

Art: Reverse Graffiti By Moose

Thanks Chai!

Running: Back In The Hills...

I woke up too late to get to the gym this AM so I decided to give my old Cheviot Hills route another chance. The last time I ran the loop was literally torture...I was abusing injuries that needed nursing because I'd gotten so completely obsessed with running a certain amount of miles each week.

It was nice to get back outside and especially nice to experience that run PAIN FREE! Silliness, I know. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience. My run was rather slow and quite challenging compared to where I left off... lots of make-up work to do!

All in all not a bad way to kick-off my HALF Birthday! :-D

Burning Man: Burncast - Homeslice Advice

Last weekend while at GLOW my girl, DaBomb, was in full-effect with video camera in hand. Is she ever NOT working?! DaBomb produces, directs, edits, shoots, etc. Burncast, a Burning Man Community-specific vlog. Here you can enjoy a few words of advice to the Virgin Burner AND advice to the jaded Veteran Burner from some of my Homeslice camp-mates. Mind you, two of them are Playa Virgin's themselves!

Burncast in Progress:

Burncast In Progress

Stay tunded for some more pics from GLOW!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photos: It's Amazing What You Can Find On The Internet!

Thanks to Google Reader I found these images of Commander, The Colonel and Moi at the Hi-Fructose Group Show last weekend.  I seriously can't get over how cute my "Best Kicks Ever" look with those jeans!



(photos by Mark Weston Photography)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Humor: Indexed - Hanging Out With Your Peers

Burning Man: Trailer - The Hooping Life

Thanks Special Ops (aka Ranger Hooper)!

Life: Starbucks Closes 600 Stores

(photo by yipemike)

Oh Darn! Mega-mediocre-coffee-making Starbucks is closing 600 stores. You can see if your favorite hub is on the closure list here. I hope this means that more coffee drinkers will start supporting their local mom & pop coffee shops and cafes!

Green: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Is 15 Years Away!

From Reuters:

"Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are still 15 years away from becoming a viable business for automakers even if they overcome remaining technical hurdles and the U.S. government provides massive subsidies, a government-funded report said on Thursday."

You can read the rest of this story here.

BTW, Electric is here NOW!!! Go electric!!!

LOST: Very Important Information From Octagon Global Recruiting

Octagon Global Recruiting, on behalf of the Dharma Initiative, is pleased to announce that Dharma's Head of Recruiting, Mr. Hans Van Eeghen, has confirmed his availability for the launch of our latest recruiting drive at Comic-Con 2008.

"My colleagues at Octagon Global Recruiting assure me that Comic-con hosts some of the brightest minds in the country,"
said Mr. Van Eeghen. "As Head of Recruiting it is my intention to personally assess the very best of this talent in the hope that they may join us."

The Dharma Initiative will be conducting eligibility assessments at Booth 3529 at Comic-Con, San Diego between July 24th - 27th.

If you are attending Comic-Con and would like to submit your name for a randomly selected drawing to secure one of ten (10) pre-release appointments with one of our recruiting officers, please click here.

The volunteer eligibility assessment will be available online from July 28th for a limited time at www.dharmawantsyou.com

The Dharma Initiative hopes you will spread the word. Invite your friends to join the team at www.octagonglobalrecruiting.com

If you can't view the images in this email please click here

THIS IS AN OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION OF THE DHARMA INITIATIVE: This message and its attachments are confidential and may contain information which is protected by copyright. It is intended solely for the named addressee. If you are not the authorized recipient (or responsible for delivery of the message to the authorized recipient), you must not use, disclose, print, copy or deliver this message or its attachments to anyone. If you receive this email in error, please contact the sender immediately and permanently delete this message and its attachments from your system. Any content of this message and its attachments that does not relate to the official business of the Dharma Initiative or its subsidiaries must be taken not to have been sent or endorsed by any of them. No representation is made that this email or its attachments are without defect or that the contents express views other than those of the sender.

Humor: Depressed ATM (NSFW)

Depressed ATM :( from bobsnead on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Photos: Rose Bowl Swap Meet 7.13.08

I've been living in LA for 14 years and this is the first time I've set foot in the Rose Bowl Flea Market Swap Meet Extravaganza!  I went with Pros, yo!  I have now been schooled in the ways of the Swap Meet Extraordinaires...and I will remain forever grateful AND humbled by their mad haggling skillz!  

Almost as tall as me...
In A Dark Alley This Would Scare Me!

Commander Mad Hatter...

American Drrr-rrring...
Wish I Had Bought...American <span class=

Mr & Mrs Winner!!!
The Winners!!!

Quite Nostalgic...
I Had One...

Show Off...
Should Have Bought (II)

Sings in the shower...not on tv:
Do You Sing On TV?

Model Of The Next Homeslice Art Car...
Isn't This An Art Car At Burning Man?

For 48 more photos from our totally-sweaty-but-completely-worth-it afternoon click

Running: Morning At The Gym...

I'm starting to question the accuracy of my Nike+.  I hopped on the treadmill at the gym this morning and began my run somewhere around 6.5 mph.  As time passed I gradually increased my speed.  By the end of my run I was at 7.2 mph.  How my Nike+ picked up all of those peaks and valleys is beyond me!  Though all of my mile marks logged in at a 7:32 pace consistently(?!)  Whatever...

Oh, and at 6am the UCLA demonstrators were already at it!  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life: Back At It...Day 3!

Life: UCLA Demonstration 7.16.08...Day 3!!!

I play this game where I stand at the window and try to find Mark (the Mail Dude). Tomorrow I'm bringing in binoculars.

Tech: My New Favorite iPhone Application

My Brother's gonna FREAK!!!

Running: At The Beach...

Due to some technical difficulties I haven't been able to post my last couple of runs. But for whatever reason my iPod felt this one was worthy of uploading.

Anyway, I left some of my running gear over at the Red House where I was Monster-sitting last weekend so I decided to run at the beach last night rather than come all the way back to the gym at rush hour. From Sunset Park I made my way over to Rose. I took Rose down to the Strand then ran North along the Strand to Olympic. On some back-roads near Olympic I made my way inland back to the Red House. It was a good run and I appreciated the relatively clean air near the ocean (and cooler temps). And I'm TOTALLY loving my new Asics Gel Nimbus 10's! Thanks Starting Line!

If anyone is in the market for a stellar running shoes but doesn't have a clue where to start then I highly recommend The Starting Line in the Marina. They (and by 'They' I mean the 3 fellas 'working' that afternoon) studied my gait by having me walk in socks across the showroom floor. They pointed out that I have very high arches then brought out my Asics first thing. I went outside for a little run up and down the street to test out these sneakers. However, not totally convinced, I proceeded to try on a few more pairs of shoes only to realize that the first pair they recommended were spot on. And just because they're so rad they gave me a totally unexpected 10% discount! w00t!

Wish List: Sugar Glider


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life: What I've Been Listening To For The Past Two Days

UCLA Demonstration  7.15.08

UCLA Demonstration 7.15.08

My Mail Delivery Dude, Mark, is down there somewhere!

Mine: Blue Feather Fun Fur Hat By Ms. Presto

One of my most creative Playa Sisters, Ms. Presto, has recently launched her new Playa Accessory site WearWithAttitude.com. As such, she's reduced some of her older styles (non-reversible) in her Etsy.com store up to 50%!!! The Blue Feather Hat you see here is my most recent acquisition. Just lovely, eh?!

If you're looking for righteous, handmade faux-fur Playa Gear made with 100% love for the Burner community (and beyond) then, most definitely, peep her sites!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Humor: That's One Way To Do It!

How To Beat The Claw Game

Thanks Commander!

Music: Radiohead - House Of Cards

From Guardian:

“I always like the idea of using technology in a way that it wasn’t meant to be used, the struggle to get your head around what you can do with it,” Thom Yorke said in a statement. “I liked the idea of making a video of human beings and real life and time without using any cameras, just lasers, so there are just mathematical points – and how strangely emotional it ended up being.”

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life: Jury Dutying No More

The wrap-up...

I arrived at the Beverly Hills courthouse at 10:30am last Friday. We sat around until 11am. The jurors were called into the court room and proceeded to go through the final 12 jury selection procedures. Just when I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel it was announced that two alternate jurors were still needed...Just-In-Case.  In case you aren't aware, as an alternate you must come to court and observe the (anticipated 5 day) trial but chances are you will never set foot in the deliberation room. Only thing worse than being picked to serve on a jury is being chosen as an alternate. Yawn City...

The judge's assistant rattles off 6 more juror numbers and mine was the last to be called. I'm now identified as Juror number 17. We must state where we live, occupation, marital status, etc. Then we're asked some general questions with regards to the case and our ability to remain impartial. That's when I spoke up. 

We were advised yesterday that a few of the witnesses to be called by the Prosecution were going to be police officers. A knot instantly formed in my stomach and I quickly became a bit more sympathetic towards the defendant. It's, indeed, a little known fact that due to MULTIPLE negative life experiences with police officers (essentially abusing their power) starting as early as age 13 right up until last year I have a GREAT mistrust for the Popo. It was strange admitting such a personal point of view in front of an open forum of COMPLETE STRANGERS but it was the truth. There is no way that I, in good conscience, would have been able to impartially listened to the testimony of a bunch of officers. Just no way!

The judge was good and had a way about him that he was able to get people to verbally commit to doing their best to be impartial despite life experiences...but I held my ground.  The judge then took a few minutes to explain to the rest of the jury members how he understood that we all come in with different 'life experiences' that make us who we are today...which is exactly why the line of questioning we're put through is so important. 

Towards the end of the alternate selection process the judge asked the jurors, hypothetically, if we were the defendant would we want 12 people with the same frame of mind as we're in right now to be in the jury box. Everyone was quiet but going back to the point I'd already stated I said that I'd be 'potentially thrilled' as the defendant to have 12 of me deliberating over the case. The judge then asked me if the prosecution would be equally as thrilled to have 12 of me deliberating the case and I responded, point blank..."No-so-much".

Shortly thereafter Counsel approached the bench and came back to make their final alternate selections. No surprise the prosecution gave Juror number 17 (Moi) the boot, first thing. I left the court room and went down to the Jury room for my exit papers. Whew! The rest of the released jurors were soon to follow. A woman approached me and said that she nearly started laughing when, with a completely straight face, I made the "potentially thrilled" comment to the judge. Trust me when I say that at the time I was in no joking mood.  

So with that said, I'm done done done....well at least for the next twelve months.

And in case anyone is wondering...we were told that the court gets your info through the DMV and voter registration.  This explains perfectly why I received my summons with DAYS of submitting a change of address form to the DMV.

A couple of additional notes...

Taking a color printing class at SMC is NOT a valid excuse for jury duty dismissal.  (Yes, PW, someone actually tried this tactic.  I almost doubled over in laughter.)
Heavy accents or the inability to effectively communicate were a one way ticket out of the court room.
Lawyers were given the boot.
And while many of you suggested that I wear a tee shirt exclaiming "guilty" across the front, my favorite Expert Witness suggested otherwise.  He's had first hand experience with a fella who did just that.  The judge released him for the day but make him return the next morning dressed in more appropriate attire.

Art: All Hopped Up On Hi-Fructose!

Art: All Hopped Up On Hi-Fructose!
Originally uploaded by Sanctuary-Studio

Stellar show! There were tons of great pieces by many of my favorite artists. Nathan Spoor, Amy Sol, Kukala, Camilla D'Errico, Travis Louie, Jeff Soto, Lola & Naoto Hattori were my personal highlights. Though I did experience a moment of love at first sight with Mark Covell's exhibited pieces. Wow!!! I really enjoy experiencing new art which resonates with me and Mark's work did just that! Beautifully powerful!

Cake, wine, art, the Colonel & Commander...seriously what more does a lady need?!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life: Jury Duty

Living the uber-glam life of a Beverly Hills Juror today.  (grumble) We'll see how things go.  Had to report this morning at 10:00 and with the courthouse only 3 miles from home I was able to come back for lunch.  I'm hoping they send me packing at the end of the day.  Thank goodness for my Stoopid iPhone...otherwise I might actually be forced to read a real book with paper pages and all.

If I do get picked on a jury I'm hoping it's for the recent Mandeville Canyon case....that doctor is SOOOO guilty!  I hope they throw the book at him...whatever that technically means.

ps- There seem to be lots of people getting married today at the BH courthouse!

Okay, 90210, over and out!