Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life: I Bet You Didn't Know...

Farilla and I were discussing an interesting commentary I recently heard on NPR regarding how some Americans who were originally against having a black president are now justifying their support of President-elect Obama because he's only half black (?!)

Through the course of our conversation Farilla asked, since I'm the product of a mixed-race marriage, which heritage I associate more closely with and why. For those of you who may not know, my mother is Mexican and my father is German/Danish. And while I may physically resemble my father's side of the family more, I've only ever referred to myself as being Mexican. Simply stated, it's the only side of my culture I've ever known. I grew up on traditional homemade Mexican food. It was only recently that I realized that not all wedding ceremonies last (what seems like) 3 hours. (What's with all of that sitting, kneeling and standing anyway?! Internet, please explain...) I know the meaning of 'extended family' and have more "cousins" than I can count. And yes, I've experienced and participated in the breaking of my fair share of piƱatas. I suppose I could go on and on here but you probably get the point.

Having been raised with predominately Mexican traditions I naturally associate more closely with this side of my heritage. Below is an example of one of the yummiest traditions that has been handed down through the generations in my family. In fact, the beautiful family in this clip is that of my Uncle David and Aunt Deanna.

Yum, tamales! I hope Mom finds the time to make them again this year....best veggie tamales, hands down!


  1. You are so right on with your thought...I have heard similar comments...I cannot believe I had not seen this clip...I NEED SOME TAMALES NOW...yummy. Let's go to Uncle David's...


  2. OMG

    That clip totally takes me back home.
    When she says

    " ... we're up to here with tamales at Christmas... "

    I laughed 'cause it's sooo true and funny--I always end up with a freezer full of tamales.

    I want to go home and eat NOW, but I gotta wait a week. Then it's back home for a much-needed reconnection, recharge, realization, and maybe some menudo... breakfast of champions !

    thank you for posting that.

  3. This vegetarian Mexican draws the line at Menudo, yo! No tripe for me...not now, not ever!


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