Monday, January 11, 2010

Life: Closet/Shoe Organization

The closets in our 1940's era home are tinier than tiny. Since storage is an absolute premium I've been forced to find ways to live more efficiently (and simply). Adding a shoe shelf was such an easy and inexpensive (yet completely effective) solution for the shoe-xpolsion that was living on my closet floor. Another tip...slipping rolled-up magazines inside your boots helps them to maintain their form and keeps them upright.

Closet/Shoe Organization: Before...

Closet/Shoe Organization: After


  1. smart work.

    for someone who resides in so cal you sure have a good selection of boots! It looks like you are all set to visit me!

  2. You can't even see the rest of the collection. To the right of this are stacks of boot/shoe boxes. I'll retire some of the boots once it starts warming up. :P

    A trip to see you is totally necessary.


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