Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding: I Found My Dress!

After only two days of looking I FOUND MY DRESS! And I found it while my parents were in town so they got to partake in all of the wedding dress shopping hell magic too!

To my surprise, I actually did have "a moment" when I looked at myself in the mirror while dawning one of those gorgeous dresses (3rd Place, below). I totally started tearing up. I don't know if it was the dress so much as the overwhelming feeling that THIS IS HAPPENING. After trying on about 15 gowns I narrowed it down to four. I won't be posting The Winner just yet but I can share with you the runners-up!

4th Place: Adele Weschler Eco-Couture - Sunray
Adele Weschler - Sunray

3rd Place: Adele Weschler Eco-Couture - River
Adele Weschler - River

2nd Place: Nicole Miller - HG0013
Nicole Miller hg0013

Maybe it was the lack of oxygen getting to my brain from being clamped into these dress so tightly but, My God, they were stunning!   Regardless, The Winner blows all of these dresses away.  Just you wait....

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