Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life: Welcome Baby Z!

Life: Welcome Baby Z! by Sanctuary-Studio
Life: Welcome Baby Z!, a photo by Sanctuary-Studio on Flickr.
On Friday, April 26th under the watchful eye of The Man in a very Full Moon a star (of the celestial-type) was born! It is with great honor and joy that Mike and I share with you the news of our son's earth-side debut. Shortly after Zephyr's arrival Mother Earth welcomed him with open arms as she quaked gently beneath our feet while our little family sat alone quietly bonding for the first time. We are so humbled by this precious gift! I've fallen in love all over again with my husband as I watch him transition so effortlessly into fatherhood. And words cannot describe the overwhelming feeling of love we both have for our little boy! We are all currently resting and mending comfortably at home. Mike and I are extremely grateful for the friends and family members who have offered their support (especially by way of meals), love (notes) and guidance this past week!

Love (Really) Is All!


  1. Courtney & Mike - He is absolutely precious!!! Congratulations ma & pa ;) You guys did amazing. Cheers!

  2. Amazing Shutter. i love you three!

  3. Biggest of love to the three of you. And remember Three is a magic number!!!
    Uncle Otter


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