Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photos: Homeslice Decom @ Granite Pass

Best Decom Ever!  Mad Love & Respect to you ALL.  Wow!  What a celebration...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for the T-Shirt Decals, Donations, Porta-potties, Hugs, Smiles, Face-melting BEATZ, Visuals, FIRE, Hoops, Beer, Bloody Marys, Power, STARS, Smores, Grilled Cheese Sammiches, LOVE, Friendship, Warmth, Tequila, MAGIC, Obama Stickers, Hikes, Stories & most of all the MEMORIES:

Mount Rockables

Silver Lining Delights

Cave Men

Rock Climbers

All Decked Out

Near Full Moon Night

3AM Grilled Chez Deluxe

For 30 more photos from our fabulous weekend click here.


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