Friday, October 3, 2008

Wish List: EV Smart Car Unveiled In Paris

From Grist.org:

Automaker Daimler unveiled an all-electric version of its tiny Smart car at the Paris Auto Show this week, dubbed the Smart ED for its electric drive. Diesel-powered versions of the ultra-cute, ultra-compact Smart Fortwo went on sale in the United States this past January to wide acclaim. The company's goal is to have some 1,000 of the all-electric Smart Fortwo's in operation in various cities around the world by the end of 2009, with some available in the U.S. by 2012 at the latest. Daimler has been testing 100 or so of the Smart EDs in London since last year and has said it will also test 100 more in Berlin soon. The tiny Smart ED will be able to travel some 90 miles on a full charge and has a top speed of about 74 miles per hour.

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