Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running: Thanks, Guilt!

Good run this AM.  Glad I made it out of the house.  It was cold and dark when I left...two of the main reasons I can't seem to get my ass out of bed more regularly in the mornings.  After waking up yesterday at 5:30 and never getting to the gym the guilt set in...YAY, guilt!  This seems to be my biggest motivator these days.  

For Amy:  I NEARLY achieved a post runners high this AM.  And by nearly I mean that I didn't get to that super euphoric state but I was almost there....everything just felt REALLY good.  Every breath I took was stellar and I didn't notice any aches, pains or muscle twitches like my last few runs.  I suspect if I run a bit harder next time I'll get there.  

Oh and I think it's worth noting that this was my first run in months where I didn't feel pain in rib muscles on the right side (an old post surgery injury)...SUCH a good sign!  Things are loosening up!


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