Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wish List: Nels The Narwhal

(by Skunk Boy Creatures)

When I was just a wee Lass my parents would force me to attend many of their Arts & Crafts shows. They were pretty certain that my two older siblings would put me on the next box car out of town the first chance they got! Thanks Mom & Dad for knowing your children so well!

But I digress, as the child of a vendor I can assure you that these shows were generally quite boring....particularly for a tween-aged girl. Fortunately many of the shows offered up entertainment in one form or another. Often times I'd spend my afternoons perched in a chair next to the stage. I distinctly remember one particular event with a balloon artist. Mr. Balloon Man claimed he could make you "ANY animal you wanted"!

I suspect that Dude could see my gears turning because he reluctantly chose me after he'd FINALLY exhausted all of his other snot-nosed options. While the rest of the kids in the crowd were picking COMPLETELY uninspired animals such as dogs and giraffes yours truly was scheming up something with which to stump 'Mr. ANY Animal'. When it was my turn (as any smart ass 8 year old would do) I requested a Narwhal. I immediately heard whispers all around. I took pleasure in knowing that I at least stumped a good number of the adults in the crowd. After hearing my request Balloon Man smirked and proceeded to work away on my creation. He twisted and turned those pastel colored balloons with such passion. Once he was done he handed me my balloon art with a huge smile on his face. Not surprisingly....he made me a wiener dog.

I should have asked for an octopus.

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