Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wish List: Nikon D700 Birthday Cake

Anonymous (10:16:24 AM): http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/12/nikon-d700-birt.html
if you are nice to me, i'll bake you that for 23 Jan
Luna-See (10:18:17 AM): You can bake too?! My gawd...you're like the perfect man!
Anonymous (10:18:46 AM): i'm an EXCELLENT baker! baking is the easiest thing dude... it's all about precision. and i'm the KING of precision.
Luna-See (10:18:59 AM): Can I quote you on that?
Anonymous (10:19:16 AM): sure
Anonymous (10:19:26 AM): where are you going to quote me?
Luna-See (10:19:29 AM): my blog
Anonymous (10:19:42 AM): hmm... you could, but keep me anonymous
Anonymous (10:19:52 AM): i don't want to get a public reputation
Luna-See (10:19:55 AM): what's the fun in that?!
Anonymous (10:20:06 AM): next thing you know all sorts of strange women will end up at my place
Anonymous (10:20:11 AM): expecting me to cook and bake for them
Anonymous (10:20:14 AM): oh wait
Luna-See (10:20:25 AM): exactly


  1. Thanks for keeping my identity safe. I can go about my life normally now.

  2. How can you be baking my cake if you're reading my blog? Back to the kitchen!

  3. and...back to the cake, chil'ns: is that Red Velvet?


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