Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photo: Susie Ghahremani @ GR2 8/2008

These snaps, shot at the opening reception of Susie Ghahremani's solo show at GR2 LAST YEAR, represent the epitome of my slackness...um, slackdome?! I've been photo-lite for the past 12 months...with good reason. I decided to make a conscious effort to be more present in life rather than hiding behind my rig. It's easy for me to get lost in my photo world (which was momentarily brought to light on the Playa this year)....I'll save that for another story. But I digress, my amazingly talented friend, Sandra, held the role as instillation director for Susie's show! Not an easy task if you're familiar with the venue. Well done, Ladies!


Many Tinies:

My fave:

The Ladies:

So inspiring! For a few more shots from the rest of this evening click here.

Look into my eyes:

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