Thursday, September 10, 2009

Burning Man 2009: Shutterillaville In Homeslice

Trailer Park
Originally uploaded by ninjaonmoss

Adi, a longtime friend and fellow Slicer just ran across this lovely photo of Shutterillaville (aka The Hut) taken by our BRC neighbor ninjaonmoss. As you can probably tell this was shot pre-event opening. Farilla and I went out early again this year with Ops and Otter to work with Greeters. I love getting into the city early and watching it grow. We heard the population was only around 43,000 this year. Down from about 53,000 in 2008. Going out before the event opens allows you to meet so many more people which in-turn makes the city not seem so large. I really enjoyed riding around during burn week and bumping into people we'd met/greeted during the early days. For a larger view of this image click here.

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