Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life: For Ops...Solidarity, Sister!

The dark side of Playa Braids...
Life: For Ops...Solidarity, Sister!
Life: For Ops...Solidarity, Sister!
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No one ever talks about the dark side of getting Playa Braids. For instance, you look like Rosanne Roseannadanna upon taking them out. The gerbil-sized hairball that comes out of your head the first time you wash your hair (after taking them out) has kept some gals I know from getting them a second time. Braids aren't comfortable to sleep on...at all. I liken it to sleeping with curlers in your hair. If you get them wet it feels like you're wearing an extra ten pounds on your head. Then they take forever to dry. You're constantly worried about burning your scalp so you must keep sunblock on all exposed areas. And we all know that sunblock + dust storms = yuck! They can get itchy after a few days. None of my hats fit with braids. Oh, and it takes just as many hours to take them out as it takes to put them in. Yet, I miss them when I don't have them in and I keep going back for more! Go figure...

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  1. Just like Rosanne Roseannadanna said "it's always something..." You're so right -- there are down sides (my biggest braid pet peeve is not being able to wear most of my hats) but I also really miss them once they're gone. Thanks for posting your "after" shot :) xoxo, Ops


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