Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding: Real life Super Heroes!

I just read a post from a Tribe member on OffbeatBride.com in which she asked "What does the wedding party actually do?"

A commenter responded....
"The bridesmaids are supposed to confuse your would-be kidnappers on the way to the wedding.  The groomsmen are supposed help your man if he has to kidnap you and fight his way out.  :-)" [via The Bizarre Origins of Eight Wedding Traditions]

Photos by Cat Norman via Project Wedding.


  1. Beware...I have actually been to a wedding where the bride was kidnapped!

    (It's a Czech tradition for friends of the groom to steal the bride from the reception and take her to a bar and drink heavily until the groom finds them. Then the groom has to pay the bill.)

  2. I love the Czech. My kind of groomsmen.


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