Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY: Rustic Wood Desk Caddy

We have a rule in our house:  Never overspend on things you're capable of making yourself.    Soooo when I ran across this lovely desk caddy on Etsy I, of course, shot the link to my Dad (a life-long woodworker) to see if he would make something similar for me.  Four short hours later there was an image of the finished product in my inbox!  Thanks, Dad!  It's BEAUTIFUL!  You're amazing!

DIY: Reclaimed Wood Desk Caddy

Around the holidays I was gifted some vintage tools from my grandfather's workshop.  I had intended on mounting them in a shadow box *yawn* but when I saw this caddy I realized it would make THE PERFECT display.

DIY: Rustic Wood Desk Caddy

For your very own caddy I encourage you to check out the incredible work of the artists who inspired mine, Peg and Awl.

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