Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maker Faire 2012: Today At The Maker Faire We...

-learned to solder
-learned metal stamping
-used a Letter Press machine then bound a notebook with our letterpress creation
-ate a pretzel
-soldered, hammered an polished a copper band into a ring
-got to hang out in a Vardo
-listened to the artist and engineer panel discuss their upcoming massive Bay Bridge LED art installation
-ate vegan paella
-watched a glassmaker make beads
-listened to a discussion about wearable technology
-donated to a quilters guild
-listened to a discussion about the Lit, a two wheeled electric vehicle.
-took lots of photos
-dodged strollers, art cars and pedal powered vehicles
-saw a ton of robots including two Daleks and multiple R2D2s
-checked out the self-balancing skate boards
-Played a laser cut ukelele
-saw combat gnomies
-played with kinetic art sculptures
-witnessed children in complete disbelief and amazement
-watched The Crucible blacksmiths pound on metal
-purchased new tees from Jere at Urban Octopus
-admired Leif's interactive LED project, Art Strobe

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