Monday, April 6, 2009

Photos: Farilla's Birfday Weekend!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Farilla's 37th twirl around the sun! Pi Day was spent soaking in mineral baths, playing in the mud and re-hydrating in The Grotto at Glenn Ivy Hot Springs. Who knew a full day of relaxation could be so exhausting. From there we pushed on to Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree where I treated Farilla to dinner at Crossroads Cafe & Tavern. I thought the Tavern filled with climbers fresh off the rocks would be a perfectly nostalgic setting for Farilla's (other) birthday dinner. Good times, good food and a good-long wait to get our food led to a nice conversation (and free bday beer) with the owner of the tavern.

The next morning we were on the hunt for a rental property in the area which I read about last year in Apartment Therapy. Just our luck, we ran into the architect. Robert was kind enough to spare a few minutes to give us a tour of his rental (pictured below) along with another rental he's currently working on...picture an infinity pool and jacuzzi just off of the living room. Yum! We've been thinking this might be a great setting to host a future Playa Surfers/Homeslice gathering-of-the-tribes. DJ's, dust off those decks! With a full kitchen, large jacuzzi, fire pit, full bath, BBQ and all-around righteous setting this space might just make a perfect location for a little desert glamping!


View From The Jacuzzi

After our tour of the rentals we spent some time geocaching with my new(ish) handheld GPS.

My New'ish Toy!

Put 'er Back

SUCH A Beautiful Day!

We worked up an appetite finding a couple of caches so we made our way into The Park for a picnic lunch. We stumbled upon a familiar spot in Jumbo Rocks where we decided to feast on sammiches and enjoy the sunshine for a bit. Farilla was so inspired by the moment that he decided to break out the Buugeng.

Mad <span class=

So much fun! I still can't believe how much we were able to squeeze into that weekend.  Thanks, Love, for being born!

For a few more snaps from our adventure click here.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for making my girl so joyful. Now i am off to check out the pics.


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