Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photos: Ojai, Oh!

Farilla's been itching to get up into the mountains. Fresh air, pine trees, lakes, trails...you get the heavenly picture! We were planning on heading to Big Bear last weekend until we saw the forecast. Unfortunately this California girl doesn't do well in temps below 65 degrees. Thankfully, Farilla wasn't down with the 40/50 degree temps up there either. So, plans changed and we went to Ojai. Yay, for spontaneity! The weather was amazing. The valley and rolling hills were absolutely gorgeous! And my GPS was loaded with caches.


Oh, yes we did...
Oh, Yes We Did!


Tiny cache...
Not Large

What Huell's been talking about...
What Huell's Been Talking About

For a few more snaps from this Shutterilla Grand Adventure click here.

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