Sunday, April 11, 2010

Film: Under God by Richard Farmer

Our friend, Richard, directed this fantastic short film which has been accepted into 35 film festivals across the globe. Farilla and I finally had the pleasure of viewing Under God on the big screen at the First Glance Film Fest in Hollywood where it was recognized for best Art Direction. I couldn't agree more with this honor. The story was great but visually this film was stunning. That said, the sound was stand-out. Bravo, to all of our many friends who collaborated on this project.  I'm still tripping out over the fact that it was shot over the course of a weekend!

Official Trailer...

From YouTube:
Combining questions of Faith, Technology and Politics, UNDER GOD is a Cold War-era parable about the day President Eisenhower met with the worlds first super computer, UNIVAC.
Snaps from this afternoon....
 Life: I Like Under GodI
Richard pins Megatron
I Like Under God


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