Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fitness: P90X - Day 3

Day three and EVERYTHING hurts.  I was going to push our morning workout to the afternoon to give my aching muscles a few more hours of recovery time but when Farilla got up and was obviously going for it so I persevered.  Day one went a little something like this....push-ups, pull-ups...more push-ups and more pull-ups...and even more push-ups and MORE pull-ups.  Dude...my lats, pects and triceps have been screaming for 2 days straight.  Day two went like this....squats, lunges, jumping.....more squats, deeper lunges & higher jumps....then DEEPER squats, MORE lunges & even HIGHER jumps.  It's a wonder I can walk today.  Well, I wouldn't call it much of a walk.  It's more of a shuffle right now.  Day three (today) brought more upper body work.  So, as previously stated, I'm sore...TO THE MAX.  Yes, I just said to the max!

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  1. Sore is the new black and you wear it well my love!


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