Friday, April 23, 2010

Food: Grilled Cheeeez, Please!

The grilled cheese posse made a visit to Clementine's for lunch this afternoon in honor of Grilled Cheese Month. During the month of April, Clemintine's offers a special Grilled Cheese menu in addition to their regular menu of "homemade seasonal food".  Despite the five specialty options I went with the Basic Grilled Cheese on olive bread with cherry tomatoes & roasted onions.  Mmm, so good!   Then again I am a complete sucker for extra-sharp Tillamook.

Basic Grilled Cheese on Olive Bread w/ roasted cherry tomatoes & onions

I was, however, disappointed to find out (despite the notation on the menu) that their sandwiches could actually not be made meatless.   I had my heart set on the gruyere & hot honey mustard sammie on pretzel bread (minus the ham).  Apparently meatless sammies were only available during Passover?!  That said, everyone in our party enjoyed their meals.  Once they all arrived, that is.  One of our sammies, The Dy-Ham-Ic Duo, managed to get lost in the shuffle.  As soon as our server realized the mix-up and resubmitted the order to the kitchen she offered up a complimentary muffin from the pastry bar.  The gesture was appreciated but the muffin was declined.

Will I be back?  Potentially.  Although, parking is ridiculous.  We went into this outing knowing that parking in Century City would be problematic.  As such, we purposely arrived at 11am with hopes of getting a jump on the lunch rush.  Our early arrival didn't seem to matter.  The small parking lot was still packed.  We circled the surrounding streets (most of which are permit parking only) three times before finding a meter two blocks away.  If I make it back it will probably have to be on a weekend.  Or, more specifically, on a Saturday since they're closed on Sunday.

Basic Grilled Cheese on wheat w/ roasted cherry tomatoes: $8.25

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