Sunday, June 20, 2010

DIY: Upcycled Vintage Button-up Western Shirt

While at theBay Area  Maker Faire last month I ran across a vendor in the Bazaar Bizarre who was making these adorable tops out of vintage mens western shirts. Only problem is that they were priced way out of my budget. I took a closer look and realized if I could get my hands on a shirt I could probably make my own in a couple of hours at a fraction of the price. I actually ended up finding two FREE vintage westerns in the Swap-o-rama-rama (free clothing swap & workshops) section of the Baz Biz. So for two hours of effort I came up with this...
DIY: Upcycled Mens Western Button-up

It's not nearly as cute as the tops being sold at the Maker Faire but as a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. When you're working without any instructions or patterns I find that there's always a bit of a learning curve.  Next attempt I'll bring the pockets up higher and try to retain the original hemline.

Farilla snapped this photo because he's convinced that I never iron. Not true.  I just don't buy clothes that require ironing.

DIY: Upcycled Mens Western Button-up

If you're noticing a fashion theme here it's because I'm obsessed with strapless tops right now.   I'm dead set against being THAT bridesmaid with the horrible tan lines in TnT's upcoming wedding.

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