Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photos: Granite Pass 5/2010

 Last weekend Farilla and I ventured back out to the sacred space known as Granite Pass in the Mojave National Preserve.  We spent two nights surrounded by our Soul Cluster celebrating the many wonders of birth, life, death, inner & outer space, bugs & bunnies, cupcakes, baby raves, not-dads, fire, sunrises & sunsets, new & old friendships, Daft Funk, flower blooms, sand dunes, aliens & robots, LOST, the moon, Lemon Drops & Le Playa (not to be confused with The Playa) and good 'ol fashion Love!  Happy Birthweek,  Saddhu!  You wear Life 4.0 so very well!  How lucky are we to be surrounded by such magical beings?!

Below are some of my favorite moments from our weekend but you can check out the full gallery here.

We are all made of star stuff. -Carl Sagan

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