Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photos: Farilla Practicing Buugeng

After a fantastic Sunday gathering at the Library Alehouse with my Nor Cal DHS crew Farilla and I wandered over towards the beach to catch the sunset. Along the way we encountered The Tree Man (aka "Lionel, on the inside"). Simply brilliant! I can't believe The Tree Man has never been to the Playa! If you see him around the Venice/Santa Monica area hook a brotha up with a tip to help him get to Burning Man, yo!

But I digress, it was such a beautiful afternoon we decided to grab Special Ops' Buugeng (which we PROMISE to return one of these days) to get in some practice time. I can't believe how quickly Farilla has picked up this mesmerizing art form! He's a complete natural! Here are a couple of stills I snapped with my iPhone...

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Unfortunately these snaps don't do this beautiful visual art any justice. For a better look at Buugeng check out Dai, the Buugeng Master, here...


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