Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Running: It's Been A While...

...a month to be exact. I've been a little (and at times a lot) under the weather over last few weeks. Allergies turned head cold turned major sinus infection = no fun. This week has been great so I wanted to get right back into my training. Silly me to think I could pick up where I left off. My bruised ribs only made me that much more uncomfortable. I stopped at 3 miles which was about 2.5 miles more than my body would have liked. Of course I'm glad I did it....after the fact.


  1. 3 miles? That's awesome! I'd pass out at the 1/2 mile mark. I might be able to walk a few miles, but run . . . no way. lol.

  2. Completely off topic. Isn't June Grilled Cheese month?

  3. Completely clueless as always...'April' was Grilled Cheese month. When the memory goes...what was I saying?

  4. Cheese, believe it or not, is no longer a major staple in this girl's diet. I've been known to sprinkle some non fat feta on a veggie wrap or salad now and again but that's about the extent of it these days.

  5. Some told me if you take fat out of something that is supposed to have fat, i.e. cheese, that it becomes an artificial imitation. That doesn't quite seem fair, does it. Good for you getting the cheese out. Mucho healthy


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