Friday, July 30, 2010

DIY: My Dad Is A Robot Mechanic

My Dad Is A Robot Mechanic

I knew all of those Make Magazine gift subscriptions for my Father would finally pay off.  He made a Robot (Make Magazine Volume 21) for me which was unveiled last night via Skype! As soon as I get tired of cuddling with it it's going on our fireplace mantel.  I have a request in for a dozen more.  Two words: ROBOT ARMY!  Did I mention that the arms move?  Righteous!  Thanks, Dad!


  1. I think I love this picture.


  2. When we Skype my dad likes to hang out in the background and torment my mom. Sometimes it's with fruit (think devil horns with bananas). Sometimes it's with her Build-A-Bear and this time with a Robot!


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