Sunday, July 18, 2010

LIfe: Mid-July Garden Update

First, the bad news: City workers trampled our garden a few weeks ago while trimming back our Eucalyptus tree which had intertwined itself in the power lines that run down the back of the property lines on our block.  Boo!  Artichoke was squashed but seems to be recovering.  Tomato plants lost a few branches.  I found the one hot pepper we had growing at the time lying in the dirt next to the pepper plant.  And our Corn.....*sigh*...well, the corn received the worst of it....

Our lovely little stalks were mangled. The tall center stalks were even missing on a couple of the plants. We've tried to stake some of them back up and we've continued to water and care for them but they seem to be stunted. Little to no growth has occurred since that afternoon. I couldn't be more disappointed.

The good news:

We have tomatoes! They FINALLY started turning red last week. Our five tomato plants are as tall as I am and they're FULL of fruit. This almost makes up for our crushed corn.

Tomatoes v. Corn:

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