Monday, August 11, 2008

Art: Hand Stitched Note Cards

I recently started hand stitching my own note cards. I did some cross stitching when I was quite a bit younger but aside from that I have no real experience with this sort of thing...hence the simplicity of the designs.

If you're interested these are pretty easy to make. First I sketched out the design then copied it onto the card with some transfer paper. I'm pretty certain that the type of stitch I use is called a back stitch (or a variation thereof). I essentially used the trial and error method which has lead me to fairly successful results, thus far.

Ly's Baby Shower Card:

DIY: Hand Stitched Baby Shower Card

B's B-Day Card:
Burning Man: Hand Stitched Birthday Card

Special Ops'(aka Ranger Hooper) B-Day Card:
Burning Man: Hand Stitched Birthday Card (II)

And just because I love her so much, here's a shot of what the Monster was doing while I was making Ops' card last weekend. Clearly she's all monster'd out.

Burning Man: Hand Stitched Birthday Card (II)


  1. Where's my card? Did you forget about me? I am SAD now.


  2. wha-ha-ah-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa

    guess what shutter'll be doing for five days straight in the nage- mahal!!!

    cold busted. snicker.

    ps: sandra wants one too.

  3. Totally BUSTED! Although I did send My Favorite Sister-In-Law, Miss V, a Birthday e-card which she clearly has not read yet. Sign into yo' email account woman!

    Must head BACK down to FLAX to pick up more note cards. I can see I gotz some work ahead of me...

  4. THANXXXX....That was hilarious...I somehow missed it when I checked this AM.


  5. Ly???? As in Ly Vu is having a baby???

  6. Yes, PW, Ly is indeed having a baby! Baby Jarrard is set to make his world debut next month.


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