Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Burning Man: Playa Wear - Ruffle Vest

I DID IT!!! Back in February I wrote about a super rad DIY Burning Man costume idea which I ran across on Threadbanger. As soon as I saw their instructional video I knew it was a "must have" for my Playa ensemble. Thanks to the recent Homeslice Costume Inspiration Workshop I finally got around to creating my new favorite Burner accessory! The only problem is, much like my tutu, I now want to wear it EVERYWHERE!

I found this pair of Le Gatte Jeans at a Santa Monica Goodwill. As soon as I saw them I knew they'd be perfect for this particular upcycle.

I Turned Them In To Something Completely Playa-licious!

My ruffle vest took a few hours to complete (not counting the hour it took just to work myself up to placing the first cut in these uber-pricey Italian designer jeans). However, admittedly, I was working at a pretty conservative pace.

And then just like magic....
Burning Man: Ruffle Vest

Prepared To Burn...Ruffle Vest

For instructions on how to make your very own Circus-Princess Ruffle Vest check out my original post here.


  1. You Rock! I think we've got a new designer for "Project Runway" (Burning Man Edition)

  2. Seemingly stupendous! Brava


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