Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Running: Easing Back In....

For those who aren't aware I've had to take a break from running in order to mend some injuries.  My 'new' NikeiD's crapped out just shy of 200 miles.   As such, they started causing some pretty painful wear and tear on my feet.  Then due to overcompensating for said pain my tracking was thrown off and my hip started to pay the price.  NO FUN AT ALL.  

After weeks of trying to push through the pain I finally forced myself to take the last 3 weeks off so my body could heal.  In the meantime I've been hooked up with a gym membership so that I can run safely on a treadmill rather than dodging cars and lifted sidewalks around Rancho Park/Cheviot Hills.

I kept tonight's run slow and short in order to assess things.  Glad to report that I feel great and I'm completely stoked about being back in the gym. 

Thirteen days until I climb Half Dome...

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