Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life: Should I Be Offended?

I've been Monster-sitting for the past couple of days at the Red House and the neighbors have added yet another barker to their collection.  Mind you, the last time these folks tried to adopt another Chihuahua the agency came into the home to make sure it was an appropriate place for Yo Quiero #2 to reside.  They were ultimately denied their adoption request stating that one of the dogs currently living in the household was too aggressive.  How the agency reps were able to come to this conclusion still remains a mystery but I applaud them for recognizing a potentially bad situation.  Not only has their Biter attacked The Mon (on two separate occasions) but she also attacked her own (much smaller) brother which resulted in a bunch of stitches all over his head and face.   

But I digress, a couple of weeks ago as I was leaving the Red House New Pup ran in my direction.  The neighbor began calling his name to get him to come back.  "Obie, Obie, Come Obie....OBAMA COME!"  I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  These uber-conservative Fox-news watching REPUBLICANS named their new black Chihuahua pup Obama!?  Am I right to be completely offended or am I just being overly sensitive because I don't get along with these folks?  

Either way I consider myself fortunate since I'm not forced to listen to them calling this dog's name two hundred times a day on a regular basis...these past few days have been bad enough.


  1. Yikes. How bizarre and in my opinion, offensive. And they call him Obie????

  2. How do you know which TV shows they are watching? I was just curious...

    and yes, I would be offended.

  3. I know such things because I used to stand at their window at night and take detailed notes of their every move...keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer!

    Or more likely because they, on many occasions, admitted during political conversations that they watched Fox news. They even joked about how the Progressive representative on some Fox 'Right vs. Left' show looked like a clown.


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