Monday, June 30, 2008

Life: Dinner- Indian Feast

Life: Dinner- Indian Feast
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Sipping wine and chatting with friends while a homemade Indian feast
is being prepared. Yum City!


  1. the spices look so amazing.

  2. It was an amazing meal and great conversation! Huge thanks to Pramit (the Chef) and Erin (Sous-Chef, Sommelier, Walking Partner)! Next time I'm going to bring everyone I know over because NO ONE should have to live another day without tasting that kind of yummy deliciousness!

  3. Next time I'm going to bring everyone I know over
    Woah woah woah... HANG ON A SECOND HERE!

  4. Um, is that a 'No', Pramit? Well okay, as long as I get an invite back. And maybe someday (if yer lucky) I'll treat you to one of my specialties...a la boiled water!

    (I swear that one of these days all of this cooking is bound to rub off on me!)


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