Friday, May 7, 2010

Life: Early-May Garden Update

We've started harvesting!

Things we've made with food from our garden:
Herbed Goat Cheese Paninis (green onions, basil)
Green Salad (red leaf lettuce)
Green Smoothies (Red Russian kale, Swiss chard & Bloomsdale spinach)

Leafy greens explosion...

One red, Two green...


Our garden is flourishing!  We couldn't be happier about this considering we pretty much just threw some stuff into the ground and then asked it, albeit very nicely, to grow.  We did lose our broccoli plants which, rather than producing broccoli, started flowering.  Who knew broccoli doesn't like temps above 80 degrees?!  Well, now we do.  That warm spell we had a couple of weeks back seems to have pushed the little dudes over the edge.  We'll be pulling those guys out this weekend.  What will replace them is to be determined.  Oh and our parsley, while still hanging on, is mostly just a pile of wilted yellow leaves.  We'll likely be replacing this guy soon too.  On a brighter note our yellow pepper plant has a pepper!   w00t!

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