Monday, May 10, 2010

Life: Not An Easy Thing To Find In LA...

Life: Not An Easy Thing To Find In LA
Life: Not An Easy Thing To Find In LA
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We eat a lot if grains, raw nuts, seeds and such from the bulk barrels at the Co-Op and Whole Foods. Our cabinets are out of control with bags of this stuff stacked all around. In an attempt to bring some order to the madness we decided to invest in a dozen quart sized mason jars. Our flax seeds are so much happier now! And at less than a dollar each these jars make for an easy and inexpensive storage solution. After a few phone calls, and a 45 minute adventure at OSH, Farilla was able to track down some (also known as) canning jars at Smart & Final. You'd be surprised with how many people were all "A mason what?" or "A candy jar?".

Um, no. We already have TWO too many of those, thanks.

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