Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photography: Nikon D700 ANNOUNCED!


Ironically, last night over dinner I was chatting with a fellow-Nikon shooter about how I can't wait for this camera to drop! Apparently the wait is over...introducing my new DSLR:

From Gizmodo:

"It's real. The mid-range DSLR you've been waiting for: Nikon's D700 DSLR packs the D3's supernaturally low-noise 12.1-megapixel full-frame image sensor into a smaller, lighter body, for only $2999.

The only thing you really sacrifice is a smidge of burst speed (down to 5FPS, or 8 with the battery pack) and the 5:4 cropping options. Otherwise, it actually has a bunch of improvements all around: The 51-point autofocus-system has gotten an IQ boost with 3D focus tracking (which apparently made Nikon's test-shooting at Belmont the other week a crispy clear breeze). Active D-Lighting for more contrast-y highlights and shadows is more automagical than before. The virtual horizon can now be displayed with live view. Plus, it has the sensor auto-cleaning from the D300 that was strangely absent from the D3, along with GPS support and HDMI port. The ISO can still be cranked to 25,600 or dropped to 100. It really is the D3 in body barely bigger than the D300.

Drooling yet? It'll be available later this month. I think Nikon has a hit here—Canon better have their 5D Mark II ready to go."

If you care to read about all of the D700's fabulousness you can do so here (with the exception of the twinkie flash, wtf?!).

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