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Burning Man 2009: What To Expect At The Gate

Sunrise Arrival 8.20.08: Gate
BRC Gate Arrival 2008

From Sparkle...

Here's some tips on what to expect at the Gate when arriving at Black Rock City and how to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you:

No one likes an 'Early Emily'.

Please, do not plan to arrive, and DO NOT arrive at BRC until you are allowed to be there. The event opens at 12:01am on MONDAY August 31st. Showing up early may actually cause you to get into the event later than if you show up on time. Stop somewhere and take a break if it
looks like you will arrive early rather than drive 2 hours to BRC only to be turned around. You will save yourself a lot of frustration. IF YOU ARRIVE BEFORE 12:01AM YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO THE EVENT AND YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WAIT AT THE GATE.

Don't be a 'Disorganized Danny'.

When you roll up to the playa, have your ticket and any applicable paperwork (copy of mutant vehicle registration, early arrival pass, etc.) in your hand. Not your friends' hands, not in your trunk, not in your friend named Hans' trunk. Be prepared to show your ticket to the
Gate volunteer as soon as you hit the gravel (heck, get it ready in Gerlach!).

Your car will be searched at the Gate. Keep this in mind when packing and the search will be easier for everyone, which means you get through faster. If you have a large vehicle or a lot of stuff, we appreciate it when you help us during the search! Read the Survival Guide and know what items are not allowed into BRC!

Don't be an 'Uninformed Ursula'.

Buying a ticket or picking up a Will Call ticket?: stay in the FAR RIGHT LANE on Gate Road and look for the entrance to the Will Call Lot. Go to Will Call/Box Office, get your tickets and then get in line. Everyone in your vehicle must have a ticket in hand when you reach the Gate or your entire car will be turned around! Do not add an hour (or more!) to your wait time. Don't get searched twice! Head to will call, get the tickets, and get in line - but don't get in line without all your tickets!

No one enjoys a 'Frustrated Ferguson'.

Thousands of people arrive in the first 18 hours of opening. If you arrive during these hours, expect a long wait at the Gate. If you want a smoother and faster entry, consider arriving after the initial rush. If you are going to arrive in the hours after opening, plan to enjoy the wait. This is also true for Exodus - avoid leaving during the peak afternoon times on Sunday and Monday if you want your best chance at a shorter line. You have been warned!

No one likes a 'Grumpy Gateperson', just like no one likes an 'Angry Allen' or 'Mean Mary'.

The Gate folks are VOLUNTEERS. They donate their time to help you get in to Black Rock City! If you're patient with them, they will be patient with you. Remember, no one likes a 'Dishonest Denise' or a "Fencehopping Freddy'. Please, be patient, play nice and wait your turn. Cutting in line and running through fences not only makes you lame, it will guarantee that you get into the event a LOT later than you planned.

Also: Gate is NOT Greeters. Gate is Gate. Greeters is the
fun part just after Gate.

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  1. And next year, VOLUNTEER so you can get in early :) (At least you won't wait to get INTO the city...)


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