Monday, July 20, 2009

Running: Happy Monday!

I haven't been as big of a slacker as it may seem. I forgot my iPod last Wednesday so there wasn't any data to post. Since I wasn't recording my run I decided to try out the LifeCycle (Farilla's fave). That experiment lasted all of 10 minutes before I moved back to the treadmill. Yes, Lifecycle may be low impact on your joints but, dude, did it feel awkward! One of the biggest reasons I choose to train on the treadmill is due to the ability to bump up the pace throughout the course of my workout. The Lifecycle (at least on the manual setting) let me to slack off too much so I popped back on the treadmill to finish up with a speedy 2.5 mile run. Good stuff. After pounding through that run last week I was totally inspired to kick it into high(er) gear this AM. I really focused on my breath during mile one...no sucking wind just slow controlled deep breathing! Then I bumped up the pace every 1/4 mile right through mile 4. I felt like I was sprinting that last half mile. Ahh, feeling so good!

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