Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friends: Happy Birthday DJ Jazzy Beth!

This one's for you:

I hope you have a deliciously splendid day!  And I can assure you that the following few days will most definitely be Palm Springs FABULOUS!  

Love love love you Guerrettes like crazy.  I'm so very blessed to call you family.  Thanks for being so Rad! ;-)

Happiest of Happy Days, Lady!

B-day 2005, Hollywood, CA:
(Photos are under lock & key.)

B-day 2008, Palm Springs, CA...to be continued:     

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  1. YOU, my dear, are RAD! Thank you for the amazing video and I'm laughing my ass off at the pics. Wow, how much changes in one year but hey, IT's MY BIRTHDAY! You are my sister by soul and I feel so grateful and blessed. Now let's get on to Palm Springs, shall we? xoxoxoxo


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