Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photos: The Maker Faire 4.3.08

In case you haven't heard...the Maker Faire was STELLAR!  The Steampunks killed it!  I took my Mom (the Crafter) & my Dad (the Engineer) because I knew this would be the closest they'll ever get to experiencing what I love most about Burning Man: community, creativity and FIRE!  My Mother and Father were both so completely blown away by the event that they started planning for next year...before we got out of the gates!   And amidst all of the beautiful chaos we still managed to connect with some of my favorite Playa Peeps.  Way too much fun! 

Tesla Coils:
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Mentos & Diet Coke:
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Abney Park Steampunked Guitars:
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20 Feet Tall:


Bite it:
Bite It!

Orb Swarm:

I returned to LA with tons of goodies that I scored at the event!  But the most significant thing I walked away with was inspiration.  The better part of Sunday was spent working on creative projects with my Mom.  One of which will make its American Dream debut out on the Playa this August.  Can't wait!

For way-too-many-more photos from our day at the Maker Faire click here.


  1. C,
    Those photos are too cool!! You're a great talent when it comes to photography!
    (Enjoying your blog!)

  2. Great Shots of all the cool creations! I will go next year for sure!

  3. I promise...you won't be disappointed. AMAZING! I'll be making it a full weekend event next year. Trying to see everything in one day is like trying to see everything at Burning Man in a week. It's just not gonna happen...

  4. Gorgeous Photos (as always). Thanks for sharing them and your experience.

    Make Faire Rocks!

  5. Aww, thanks, CG. Bummed that we missed you this year! Hope you had a great time at the Faire on Sunday! We'll have to get together to compare notes soon.

  6. We are sooo there (and with Andre!) next year. Thanks for sharing xo

  7. We should all road trip up together. Save on Gas and create community!!!
    As always you are my guide to all things Hip and Cool......and cookies!

  8. DJ JB- Andre will thank you for the early exposure to such incredible radness when he's older!

  9. Otterliciousness (say that 5 times fast)- I NEED that in the form of a t-shirt!

    "Your guide to all things Hip & Cool....and cookies!"


  10. As usual your photos tell the story, so proud. Thanks for inviting us, we had a blast at the fair and meeting your friends. Can't waite to do this again next year. Love Ya M & D

  11. C, You're photos are beautiful ... and do the Faire justice! We had a wonderful time ... only wish is we could'a spent more time together!

  12. You mean guys (plural)...there are two of 'em!


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