Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travel: One Month And Counting...

Every Memorial Day weekend The Colonel heads off to Yosemite National Park with a group of old friends from High School.  Last year I had the pleasure of joining his crew.  Too much fun, indeed!  

I just received the above photo which he took this afternoon right before his final ascent to the top of Half Dome.  It's kind of tough to see but there are tiny little specks of people climbing the cables just beyond TC's head.

From TC:
"Left at 7:45, got up top about noon, back in camp at 5:00 -- and I was jamming the whole way. It's a long-long hike. And it was FREEZING up there! "

Congrats, Colonel!  TOTALLY inspiring!

In exactly one month I'll be heading up those same cables for the second time.  It's been too long...super excited, yo!!!

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