Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Friends: Happy Birthday Amy!

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I shot this photo about a year ago (in Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park) and what a difference a year makes, eh?!  You're preggers AGAIN!  And you live in, yet, another new town.  Pretty soon I'm going to start placing bets on which thing you'll stop doing first...moving or having kids! ;-)

All kidding aside I want to wish you the Happiest of Happy Birthdays.  Love you like crazy, Lady!  Wish I could be there to celebrate with you but with the way you rant and rave about how much you dislike Spokane I think I'll hold off on a visit until you move on to your next destination.

Love Love Love...


  1. C,
    Couldn't access the link so here I am!
    You've been one of the BEST friends Amy has had. I still remember how you both looked at your senior prom (yes, I know; you try to forget), but I still love that photo of the two of you.
    So nice of you to shout out to her on her 32nd.....and, yes, I wonder the same thing; next- a move or another grandchild!
    Happy 32nd to my favorite daughter!!

  2. Wait! I thought I was your favorite daughter?!

  3. I really wish you could have been here about 12:15 while I was eating lunch by myself downtown! Brilliant, I know.

    Thanks for the shout out...hopefully we will move again. I can't stay here or my mental state may crumble.

  4. You were gifted with 'me' time on yer b-day...Awesome! I was definitely there in spirit.

    Oh and I let Alyssa straighten my hair today in your honor. I'll send you a pic. My gift to you! Well, aside from this public display of love and adoration which some might callously refer to as blogging! xo~

  5. C,
    If you came to visit us more often you WOULD be our favorite daughter!! :)
    Hey, we think of you as the perfect extension to our wonderful daughter so, by proxy, you are!
    Keep on blogging....

  6. "If you came to visit us more often you WOULD be our favorite daughter!! :)"

    NOT the first time I've been told this....

  7. well, I'm still waitin' for the pic...


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