Sunday, May 18, 2008

Maker Faire: Jack Sparx Shocked Me, Literally!

I just peeped this vid on Boing Boing this morning and thought it worth mentioning that Jack Sparx (who is interviewed by Xeni near the end) SHOCKED ME at the Maker Faire a couple weekends ago.  

It was the end of our day and we were heading back to the car when I realized that we hadn't yet visited the Dark Room.  We popped in the back door and just as we slipped into the darkness I heard a voice over my left shoulder ask if I wanted a shock.  I looked over and saw a man with his hair sticking straight up and simply replied "sure".  I stuck my elbow out and BAM...I received quite the jolt!  In fact I can tell you EXACTLY where on both of my feet the electricity left my body.  Yes, it was that powerful.  

I, like Xeni, wasn't at all prepared for the jolt I received from Mr. Sparx but I'm glad to report that it wasn't painful by any means...just a bit shocking. (Pun completely intended.)

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