Friday, January 2, 2009

Burning Man: 2009 Art Theme - Evolution

(From Burningman.com.  Design by Rod Garret and Larry Harvey. Rendering by Andrew Johnstone and Rod Garrett.)

The day after we stepped off the Playa last August BMorg announced that the art theme for Burning Man 2009 is going to be Evolution.  If you're seeking inspiration for the Burn this year I encourage you to check out this stellar article from Wired Science.  As it turns out, next month marks the 200th birthday of the Father of Evolution himself, Charles Darwin.  

I love this photo from Wired's article:

For Burning Man 2009 I envision feathers! Lots and lots of big, beautiful and VERY well secured feathers!

246 days until the Man burns! It's never too early to start creating.


  1. You are soooo right about the feathers !

  2. Sounds like it's time to start thinking about another Homeslice Do-versity workshop. Can't imagine feathers being any worse than all that faux fur... :O

  3. Do-versity in full effect, yo! This girl is ready to C-R-E-A-T-E!


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