Sunday, July 13, 2008

Art: All Hopped Up On Hi-Fructose!

Art: All Hopped Up On Hi-Fructose!
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Stellar show! There were tons of great pieces by many of my favorite artists. Nathan Spoor, Amy Sol, Kukala, Camilla D'Errico, Travis Louie, Jeff Soto, Lola & Naoto Hattori were my personal highlights. Though I did experience a moment of love at first sight with Mark Covell's exhibited pieces. Wow!!! I really enjoy experiencing new art which resonates with me and Mark's work did just that! Beautifully powerful!

Cake, wine, art, the Colonel & Commander...seriously what more does a lady need?!


  1. Ok, so I already commented on Flickr when I saw this photo but I'll say it here too:
    JEALOUS! So glad you went. I would so have been there if I lived two states to the south.
    Roq La Rue had a 10 year anniversary opening on Friday with two of Travis Louis' pieces, plus a strange Mark Ryden, an interesting Brian Despain, a cool Shag and a gaggle of others artists works. good stuff.

  2. ..."a strange Mark Ryden..."

    Ryden's are ALL strange, Lady! Ha!

    Time to move to So Cal, me thinks. That is, of course, if you can't handle sunshine and nice weather during 95% of the year.


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