Monday, July 7, 2008

Photos: Yosemite- Climbing/Hiking Half Dome 6/2008

Yep we did it...CJ, Emily and I survived our hike up to the top of The Rock.  It was a beautifully long day to say the least.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  Mad love to Team Half-Dumb.  Next time we get together for some family bonding I promise it will be in a location where massages are conducted by hot men named Sven and the champagne will be flowing....no squirrel-killing Lynx's, rattlesnakes, wildfires or rescue missions allowed!

16.4 miles (RT):
16.4 Miles

No off roading...

Nature's Technicolor:
Base Of Nevada Falls

The runner...
New Trail Runners

Marlboro Man (look closely at his hand)

To The Top!
Getting Closer

Other Half-Dumbs:
Left, Right, Left

Where Boot Camp Paid Off:

Don't Look Down:
...And Wait...

Half Dome Cairns:
Half Dome Cairns

Hanging On

Long Way Down

For a step by step visual tour of this hike including photos of my family as well as Mariposa Grove click here.

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