Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life: Jury Duty

Living the uber-glam life of a Beverly Hills Juror today.  (grumble) We'll see how things go.  Had to report this morning at 10:00 and with the courthouse only 3 miles from home I was able to come back for lunch.  I'm hoping they send me packing at the end of the day.  Thank goodness for my Stoopid iPhone...otherwise I might actually be forced to read a real book with paper pages and all.

If I do get picked on a jury I'm hoping it's for the recent Mandeville Canyon case....that doctor is SOOOO guilty!  I hope they throw the book at him...whatever that technically means.

ps- There seem to be lots of people getting married today at the BH courthouse!

Okay, 90210, over and out!


  1. TIP:

    If it IS Mandeville case and if you get chosen, show a lawyer this post and you will get released from duty!



  2. NOT the Mandeville case but if it was I figured this would have been a quick ticket out of the jury box. And unfortunately it has nothing to do with Robert Downey Jr. either (my 2nd wish)!

    Sigh...jury selection not over with yet. Must reconvene tomorrow AM. We'll see...

  3. "...actually forced to read a real book with paper pages and all."
    Wow, that's hard to stomach coming from a woman who loves to read! LOL
    However, I sympathize with having to fulfill your civilian obligation in Beverly Hills.
    Have you seen any stilettos walking around??? :)
    Buena suerte!!

  4. Yes, 90210 has LOTS of beautiful people (mostly wearing black suits) strolling around it's streets during the lunch hour.


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