Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Photos: GLOW 7.19.08

I was uber-stoked about what I thought was going to be a mini-Burning Man'esque event (minus the 12+ hour drive) right here in our own backyard. Serves me right for having expectations...

was packed. Reports I've read estimate some 200,000 people were in attendance during the night-long 12 hour art and music event. Apparently traffic and parking sucked. Thankfully, I biked from Command Central in Venice. The restroom and concession lines were out-of-control long. Most of the art was mediocre at best. Though, clearly I'm biased. As a Burner I've had the brain cells specifically dedicated to the appreciation of art completely blown away on multiple occasions out in Black Rock City.

What I did enjoy about the event were the people. Diversity rocks and GLOW brought in peeps from all walks of life. Everyone I witnessed got along well despite the often extremely cramped quarters. The cops didn't seem to be hassling the trippers and I was never asked once about the contents of my no-longer-Klean Kanteen! Aside from my MANY beautiful friends who made their way to GLOW, nature's art was actually one of the highlights for me! Up until now I just thought Grunion were mythical creatures that lived in the same land as unicorns and Big Foot! Wow! I just hope they were actually able to successfully get down to biz with all of the disturbances from the extra noise, light and people pollutants. Sorry little guys!

Because the art was lacking I wasn't particularly inspired to photograph much aside from the NEW and IMPROVED Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier...as you'll soon see!

Grunion Mating Grounds

Later That Same Day...


The Buckets

Sci-fi, straight up!

Crowd Control

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The Grunion!
Grunion...No Joke!

For a few more snaps from GLOW click here.

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